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Easy2Grow plant food

We proudly present our AutoPot Easy2Grow liquid plant food. This balanced plant food that is specially developed for use AutoPot watering systems is rich in mineral salts and pure high quality organic nutrients. This carefully constructed piece fertilizer ensures an exuberant growth and flowering of your plants from start to finish.

Easy2Grow fertilizer has been developed with care by experienced researchers and growers from the commercial horticulture. This all-in-one power plants become since 2007 successfully used in commercial greenhouses for growing a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, herbs and ornamentals.

Easy2Grow fertilizer is specially designed for AutoPot watering systems and can be used with a wide variety of substrates.


freely soluble
Nowadays there is a wide range of liquid plant food, however, remain often painfully mixed in water on the market. The reason for this is that these have been developed to provide water, for example, by hand with a watering can.

pure minerals
A common problem is that regular nutrient residues (eg salts) can leave the AutoPot system causing at worst blockages in the lines or even in the Aqua Valve.

let Easy2Grow fertilizer by adding pure minerals hardly any residue behind and i

s therefore use very safe in combination with our AutoPot systems.

Added seaweed extract
As organic additive is selected to include seaweed extract which provides a source of trace elements, alginic acid, vitamins, auxins, at least 2 gibberellins and a natural antibiotic. As an additional advantage seaweed extract acts as a true conditioner for your substrate and ensures an optimal humidity.

It has been shown that plants which are equipped with seaweed extract are better protected against stress, such as, for example, a fluctuating environment. The active ingredients in seaweed works while also protecting against plant diseases and pests.

When using our all-in one Easy2Grow plant nutrition it is not necessary to give other additives to feed water.


Use of the power supply
Start in young plants with a dose of 5ml per Liter
When the first-2 3 fruit or flowers form on the plant, you can increase the dose to 10ml per liter for extra strength and greater flowering fruiting.
A week before you start reaping the rewards will only give you water it in the barrel.

(You do not need to follow a complicated diet plans using our Easy2Grow power.)



Easy2Grow fertilizer is available in bottles of liter 1, 5 20 Liter and Liter.